Jeffrey er netværksspecialist i Cirque
How did you arrive at Cirque?

I came to Denmark 18 months ago because my wife had landed a job with Novo Nordisk. Shortly after I got here, I attended a career expo and ended up participating in a video, which was seen by a recruiter – and that recruiter happened to know that Cirque was seeking a network specialist. I had an interview and next thing you knew there was a job. Kind of a funny situation, but I’ll take it.

Navn: Jeffrey
Stilling: Network Specialist
Hos Cirque siden: 2013

A very different work environment

For an Australian, the work environment at Cirque is certainly unique. It’s a comfortable and relaxed, yet serious workplace. I guess that’s the best way I can put it. To me, the openness of management to discuss things with people, and the fact that there isn’t a long, hierarchical chain of managers that needs to approve before things can get going, are great motivators - the friendly and relaxed attitude of the workplace as well. It all comes together to be something that I’ve never experienced before. I came from a position at a very large telecom provider in Australia and this is just very different. It’s different in terms of both culture, size and mentality.

The short chain

What I really value at Cirque is the trust and respect that management instills in people to do their job. They respect the opinions of their subject matter experts. When I spot something, I let them know and then I go right ahead and fix it. I don’t have to wait months to get an approval. Obviously, I can’t do just anything, but at the end of day, I feel like I’m able to use my skills and expertise in a very reasonable manner. That hasn’t always been the case in previous jobs.

The challenges so far

IP telecommunication can be quite challenging because often you’re dealing with 3rd party suppliers in setting up the network. Sometimes you’re dealing with the partners of partners, so getting everything to come together can be quite the task, but it’s also very rewarding when you succeed. Apart from that, the Danish language is obviously challenging, but fortunately, everyone here speaks English so that’s always an option. The language barrier is never much of problem in terms of teamwork.

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